Solutions We Offer

  • Seamless Parking
  • Automated Parking Redemption
  • Find My Car
  • Smart Parking Management Platform
  • EV Charger Availability Checking
  • Automated Payment
  • EV Dashboard
  • EV Charger Reservation*
  • Car Plate Scanning to Unlock Charger*

*coming soon

What they do?

Optimise drivers’ experience and car park maintenance with Jove

Jove is an All-in-One smart parking and EV charging platform. It provides a seamless and contactless experience in parking and EV charging for consumers, whilst also providing an end-to-end EV charging solution for business operators to streamline installation, operation, system integration and maintenance.

Why do we need it?

Tired of lining up at customer service counter for free parking redemption?

Worried about not being able to find EV chargers?

Why queue to get into car parks and find EV chargers?

Receipts all over the place for parking redemption?

Jove makes it seamless and contactless for you!

Want to enhance your customer experience at your car park or shopping mall?

Jove provides end-to-end solutions in smart parking and EV charging.

They’ve got proven track record!

Try out Jove’s smart parking services at The Wai and EV charging points at THE SOUTHSIDE now!

Jove's partners and clients

More About Jove

Jove provides a one-stop seamless EV charging experience at the closest charging station near you, so you can hit the road with confidence and zero emissions. Electrify your journey with Jove!
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