How MTR Lab helps?

Ampd Energy’s collaboration with MTR Lab and other investors aims to accelerate Ampd’s growth and transform how heavy industries are powered through electrification. This is in order to deliver on the carbon neutrality goals and enhance sustainability more broadly in industries. The funding will also facilitate Ampd’s expansion into the United Arab Emirates and the United States markets, while consolidating its presence in Australia and the United Kingdom.

What they do?

Creating an emission free future for industries

Ampd Energy is a market leader in providing energy storage systems for construction sites and increasingly, other heavy industries. Ampd’s flagship product, the Enertainer, is a lithium-ion energy storage system that is nearly thirty times quieter and emits up to 95% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than traditional diesel generators.

Why do we need it?

According to Climate Watch, energy-related CO2 emissions from heavy industries account for over 15% of global carbon emissions. Ampd’s products propel the transition to cleaner energy solutions, lower carbon emissions, and more sustainable heavy industries, globally.

They’ve got proven track record!

Ampd’s products power over half the building construction industry in Hong Kong and the company’s footprint is growing rapidly in Singapore, Australia, UK and in the Middle East. Over 200 Enertainers are currently in deployment, and these have abated nearly 40,000,000 kilograms of CO2 and 100,000 cars of air pollutants up to December 2023.

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More about Ampd Energy

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