How MTR Lab helps?

We support WeMaintain to expand in Asia-Pacific

With the investment from MTR Lab and other investors, WeMaintain is strengthening its research and development efforts, enhance product development in both software and hardware, and expand in Asia-Pacific.

What they do?

Digitalising maintenance for lifts and escalators - predictive and prescriptive maintenance enabled by IoT

Through its digital platform and on-site engineering expertise, WeMaintain allows for remote, live monitoring of building operations, including lifts and escalators, and leverages data analytics to enable predictive and prescriptive maintenance.

Why do we need it?

Building operators may be frustrated by costly repairs, unexpected breakdown and downtime for lifts and escalators…

WeMaintain solutions reduce energy consumption, breakdowns, and maintenance costs for lift and escalators

They’ve got proven track record!

WeMaintain’s clients have seen an average of 30% energy savings per year on frequently used elevators and a 20% reduction in breakdowns on high-density sites.

WeMaintain's partners and clients

More aboutWeMaintain

WeMaintain, certified B Corp, is a PropTech scale-up operating in France, the United Kingdom and Singapore. WeMaintain fixes building operations starting with maintenance on lifts, escalators, fire & safety and automatic doors. For more details, please visit:

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