How MTR Lab helps?

With MTR Lab’s investment, alfred24 plans to double its presence in Hong Kong to over 2,000 packages pick-up and drop-off locations, expand its business into the Greater Bay Area, and launch into at least one other Southeast Asian country by 2025. alfred24 will also invest in sustainable solutions such as battery and solar-powered Bluetooth lockers to optimise its technology, enhance the user experience, and reduce carbon emissions related to e-commerce deliveries.

What they do?

Making deliveries sustainable, efficient, and convenient for all

alfred24 is a tech logistics company specialising in automated parcel lockers and software solutions to make deliveries sustainable, efficient, and convenient. They provide plug-and-play and scalable logistics solutions that multiply the efficiency of a single courier, reducing the number of delivery vehicles on the road and the environmental impact of commercial urban transport.

alfred24 has built smart parcel locker networks in 16 countries for numerous Logistics Service Providers and operates 9,000 pickup points in Hong Kong, Italy, and Brazil.

Why do we need it?

Traditional e-commerce logistics require the equivalent of 17 CO2-emitting vans per 1,000 deliveries, while alfred24 requires the equivalent of just four.

With alfred24’s innovative lockers, deliveries can be centralized and carbon emissions reduced.

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More about alfred24

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