Solutions We Offer

  • CW Points Green Reward Solution
  • Sustainability Marketing and Customer Engagement
  • Corporate Go-Green Engagement Programme for Staff / Stakeholders

What they do?

Promoting low-carbon living and driving recycling through rewards for green lifestyle

Carbon Wallet adds a dose of fun to green actions with its gamified mobile app experience and exciting rewards from different sustainable brands in its one-stop green lifestyle reward platform. Carbon Wallet’s principle is “Green In, Green Out”. Users live green to earn points, and the rewards they are redeeming are green as well so that their carbon saving efforts will not be counterweighed by unsustainable consumption.

Why do we need it?

Feel powerless when we hear the word climate change? Don’t know how to get started on living greener, or wishing for more motivation?

By reinforcing green actions with rewards and serving as a knowledge hub for sustainable living, Carbon Wallet empowers individuals to make easier and rewarding sustainable choices every day and recognise their own impact and collective progress!

They’ve got proven track record!

With around 120,000 app downloads, Carbon Wallet is the biggest one-stop green lifestyle rewards platform in Hong Kong! Our users have collectively saved 1,390,000 kilograms of carbon emissions in less than 3 years, equivalent to the annual absorption of 60,000 trees!

Carbon Wallet's partners and clients

More about Carbon Wallet

Carbon Wallet is an MTR Lab-backed social innovation venture. It aspires to co-create a green ecosystem in Hong Kong with the public and the stakeholders in the field of sustainability, and drive sustainable consumption for cities. For more details, please visit:

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